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[22 Jan 2008|11:46pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Just as I thought, the alcohol the other night was a catalyst in me sleeping that night, although I wasn't entirely too drunk. Needless to say, it did it's job.

I was able to sleep just fine last night since I had talked to said girl from previous entry. I am pretty sure I won't have that problem again, because I will try my hardest not to allow it to happen.

CMU closed today until noon so I only had one class canceled. The drive to Mt. Pleasant always fucking sucks, but it's even worse when the roads are snow-covered because people drive like they're stupid. I got into town, and ended up getting caught in traffic, so I would have been late to my 12:30. I decided on not going to that class all together, only to find out later in the day the instructor had canceled class on his own. My goal of not missing a single class period this semester is still going strong. (three weeks strong).

I'm having a bad feeling about the progression of things with the girl mentioned above, partly due to our 72-hour period of not communicating with one another. Today though, in the car ride to school, it seemed as if things between us hadn't skipped a beat, so all of this skepticism may be totally in my head... and I'm hoping that's the case.

If you read back some entries, mainly around December of 2005, you will notices that I went 141 days without cutting my hair. I tried, and succeeded, at beating that streak, and as you read this, the streak is still going on. August 28, 2007 was the last day I cut my hair, and 149 days later, here I am. However, since I have broken my streak of going without a haircut, I have become content with ending it where it's at now. I am a little fed up with having to take care of my hair every day, trying to make it look halfway decent when I get up in the morning. On the other hand, I (still somewhat) like the length it is at, and I like the way it looks on me so for that reason I don't want to get it cut. Who knows what will happen... I may cut it, I may add more days to the streak. We'll just have to find out!

Enough for now.

Until next time...


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[20 Jan 2008|10:50pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

So I haven't been sleeping very well lately, and by lately I mean Thursday night, Friday night, and last night.

I know exactly why, but I refuse to let myself accept why I can't sleep.

There is absolutely no reason why I should be losing sleep over a girl... because she's not even my girlfriend.

I hate this.

All she has to do is just give me a call, or a little text message to let me know she's still there... that things are okay, but apparently even that is too hard since she isn't responding to my texts.

I'm almost positive I will not be able to sleep tonight, so I'm going out to the bar with some friends, and because I'm not driving, I'm going to make sure I get drunk, that way I know will be able to sleep [hopefully] uninterrupted.

save me.

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I don't like this one bit.... [20 Jan 2008|12:19am]
[ mood | upset ]

Saturday, January 19, 2008 was a complete waste of a day.

I wasted away an entire 24-hour period.

I am greatly upset by this.

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Coming out of retirement... [19 Jan 2008|03:50pm]
[ mood | excited ]

My last post was in April of 2006. I didn't forget I had this journal, I was just overwhelmed and too involved with myspace and facebook. Facebook, however, is the website I frequent the most but I feel I must return to my roots; livejournal.

The "notes" feature, as I read in Erich's post a few days ago, has taken over the popularity livejournal once thrived in, and frankly, I don't think it's a whole lot better. Facebook has its good features and its bad as well. I have never used facebook to blog frequently as I did with livejournal, I feel it is too public for me to share my thoughts and daily happenings with the 700+ friends I have on facebook. Livejournal, to me, is a little more personal as the only people who obviously still use this are those who were there from the start... before facebook, before myspace; they know me better than the myspace/facebook world ever will.

I am coming out of my livejournal "hiatus" and plan on writing more often. Prepare yourselves.

I'm back.


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I want to live ... [16 Apr 2006|07:27pm]
"I want to live where the palm trees sway and the sun beats down on a brand new day. Where the moon shines high through the night, and the wind blows by with a smooth delight."

I am one step closer to Florida in December!
I got a job!
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Floreeeeda. [13 Apr 2006|09:24pm]
Well, with a recent happening of events, it appears that I will be moving to Florida by myself. Who cares? I'll still love it down there.

I am still shooting to be out of Michigan by the end of 2006. Now that I have a job [Crumbs] I can start saving money to accomplish that goal.

After baseball practice today, JDak and I were messing around with the pitching machine at North Little League. We cranked it all they way up to, what it said, was 100 MPH. I hit a baseball out of the park, granted on a full-size baseball field it would have been a routine fly ball to the left fielder.

I don't give a shit, it was my first home run ever. I am not lying.

and it was a 100 MPH ball.

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Shaming.... [04 Apr 2006|06:34pm]
So, as I was leaving Kelly's house last night, I was surprised to see this:

Honestly, I don't care that it happened I thought it was pretty funny.

I would, however, like to know who did it, so I can kick them in the face for doing such a SHITTY job. I mean, you can do a better job than what the above pictures show.

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[29 Mar 2006|03:34am]
We found a place in Orlando, Florida.
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Awestruck, simply stunning. [29 Mar 2006|03:12am]
[ mood | stunned ]

I have been in the presence of one of the most beautiful women ever.

I met her on Sunday.

She's simply stunning.

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[24 Mar 2006|01:47am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Little League baseball has officially begun. We (the coaches) conducted our draft last night. I have 11 players on my team, nine 8 year olds, two 7 year olds.

We have our first practice Sunday at 3:30.

I started throwing today for the first time since the end of June. It was a good idea at the time, but I did not warm up properly and now my shoulder kills.

Got the heave-ho for the job opportunity at Crumbs. The job search continues ...

I need money to get my bike fixed so I can start riding 15-20 miles a day. Until then, I think I might do some light jogging, and other exercise to try and lose some of this weight.

I've been eating grapes like they're going out of style.

I also stopped drinking pop.

I'm happy with what I'm doing with myself. Very proud I am.

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I am SOOOOOOOO geeked, you don't even know! [21 Mar 2006|03:32am]
Oh my goodness. I am extremely happy. Why you ask, this is why!

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Here it is, straight and fucking plain. [11 Mar 2006|03:15am]
Here we go ...

I get attached easily. And by easily, I mean almost disgustingly easy. It doesn't take much for me to have feelings for someone and until now, I thought that was okay. I don't know what it is about me or what it is with me that makes me get so attached so easily, but I think it's a problem.

The last two weeks I've been dying to let her know how I felt about her, and when I finally muster enough balls and tell her, I immediately wish I wouldn't have.

I can't say that I knew what to expect, but I didn't think this would happen.

I quit.

On a slightly related note; I think I'm done with anything and everything that has to do with my [nonexistant] social life. I call people, they say they'll call me back, and I'm still awaiting their call. Basically the only thing that I find enjoyable other than sitting here at my computer all fucking day, is writing, and I don't even do that too often. I'm sick of Saginaw, I'm sick of doing the same thing with the same people, that is when they decide to get ahold of me.

Fuck this.

If you want to do something with me, ever, I'd love it. But please don't tell me that you will do something with me or that you will call me, and then turn around and not do it. It is actions like such as that, that piss me off the most. Almost to the effect that I'm done dealing with people.

Sorry if this pissed you off; I'm not in the best of moods currently.

I'm a fuck up.
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... but i probably won't ... [07 Mar 2006|02:40am]
I find myself concentrating more on the negatives that could come from this, or the negative variables that would make this relationship difficult. BUT, yes, you would have to learn to make it work. It's not like we were dating and then moved away, we would be starting out in different cities trying to make it work. All that is running through my head are the difference in distance, her being vehicle-less, me not having money to go visit her and not seeing her very often, and the fact that I won't be there, I'll be over an hour away.

I need to tell her.

I should do it tomorrow ....
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You'll sit alone forever if you wait for the right time. [06 Mar 2006|10:00pm]
I listened to "23" by Jimmy Eat World today, and it brought me to the realization that I have to let her know how I feel, BUT ....

I just wish I wasn't such a puss.

Also, I am coaching Little League baseball this spring/summer. I'm coaching Bantam, which utilizes the pitching machine. This is my first year coaching, so I'm starting small. Jason Dark and I are coaching together, and we're eventually planning on coaching Majors in the future. For those of you who aren't aware, Majors is the league with 10-12 year olds, the Little League baseball that has the World Series on ESPN in August. Jason and I both share the goal of becoming the youngest coaches to win the World Series, and that goal starts this year. We're geeked.
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I think I've become a writer. [26 Feb 2006|03:09am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

"People Watcher"

My coffee is almost gone. I hope the waitress comes by soon, I need a refill. Just decaf tonight, I don't feel like staying up all night I need to go to sleep eventually. As I sit here writing in my book a single man is walking his dog outside contemplating when he will call the girl he met at a party last week. They hit it off as soon as he walked in the door, but he's been holding off calling her. Across the joint there is a twenty-something woman with the current love of her life. They've been dating almost two years and she is patiently waiting for him to propose. He on the other hand, has been spending the last month or so looking at rings but also deciding if she is "the one." His parents were in rocky relationships before they had met each other, and he doesn't want that fate to be passed onto him. Just behind me is an middle-aged businessman. He has his laptop fired up, cup of coffee in hand, headset in his ear as he talks to clients. At home, his wife is currently having an affair with the postman. She has been seeing him more and more frequently in the recent years. Tonight the businessman will return home from work early and walk in on the two of them going at it for the second time today. The kind girl behind the counter is an eager eighteen year old fresh out of high school. Last week, her boyfriend told her that they needed some time apart, and she hasn't been thinking about anything else since. She's brokenhearted, and you can tell just by looking at her. She has been trying all week to put up a facade to make it less obvious, but it's easily noticable. The man to my right is doing his physics homework. You can hear him being frustrated with the problem he's been working on. He has an exam tomorrow that he will ace, but he doesn't know that yet. An elderly woman with the name of Gladys just walked in the door. She frequents this place, I've spent hours before over coffee talking with her about the past and the future. She's well aged, well worked, and very knowledgable. She knows her stuff. Just two years ago her husband passed away. Her sewing friends are the only thing keeping her going; and this coffee shop. To my left is a thirty-something, well dressed working-lady. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed her looking my way, as if she's checking me out. On her way out the door, she slips me her number.

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Fricken update [25 Feb 2006|02:51am]
[ mood | woooo! ]

Well I have spent some good quality time on my book lately, and as of right now it is exactly 3,060 words long. I am enjoying it thus far. I let B-lodge read it today and he said he liked where it was going. He even told me that he expects more and wants to read it more which I believe is straight up awesome. He gave me some ideas on what I might want to do, how I should go with the story, and also a pretty good way to end it. I am definitely looking forward to making this thing into a beauty. I am very proud of what I have done so far and I think that it can only get better from here.

SOOOOOO geeked about this book!

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She doesn't know what's right for her. Then again, neither do I. [05 Feb 2006|10:50pm]
Welp I haven't updated this in a while.

~Went to Central last night to see Your Best Friend and as expected they rocked.
~Afterwards, Lechel and I went to a party at his roommate's sister's place. I met a lot of cool people there. LOTSA beautiful women. Definitely looking forward to heading there in the fall.
~Apparently I'm not the greatest kisser in the world, at least that's what I've got out of this whole situation. But hey, I don't care, oh well.
~Steelers won the Super Bowl
~Waiting for "it" to appear on the website, so I can share it.
~Saw a lot of my childhood friends tonight during the Super Bowl. It was sweet.
~The Bud Light commercials were awesome, but I'd have to say the funniest commercial would have to be the FedEx one. Well done.
~Still unemployed ... not cool.
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CONCERT!!! [22 Jan 2006|10:40am]
Here's a concert kiddies, that I want to go to. If you'd like to join, please let me know.

Fall Out Boy
Hawthorne Heights
All-American Rejects

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Grand Rapids, Michigan
$30 + any applicable fees
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[11 Jan 2006|01:10am]

Saturday, January 14, 2006
12:30 PM.
Weiss Elementary

Call me (989-385-3199) if you wanna play.
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Ahhhhh ..... update. [09 Jan 2006|12:25am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

As you can see I have modified the colors of my journal. I will not conform to having a picture background ... just not a fan of it.

Christmas came and went. I got a PS2 with Socom3 and Madden 2006. That was all I asked for, I couldn't think of anything else.

New Year's was spent over at my brother's friends' house who I am also friends with. There, I got to see my Sarah from MTU! The house we were at, Sarah's boyfriend was the "little brother" of his while they were Delta Upsilon's at MTU so she came along. I was surprised to see her; didn't have an idea that she knew Brandon (who's house we were at) through her boyfriend .. it was odd, but cool nonetheless.

My "higher education" status is as follows: I failed a class at MTU this past fall and because of it I did not have the GPA that Central would have liked me to have, so I'm spending this semester at Delta. Not what I planned, but I'll go with it. I'm taking 6 credits this semester, I'll take more in the summer, and then try to get into Central next fall.

So, that means that if you're still in the Saginaw area, give me a call because I'm in town and not back up in the UP at MTU.

Currently looking for a job. I've applied at Dick's where I have some connections, but I'm still looking for other opportunities. If you have any idea of places that are hiring, please inform me.

The NFL Playoffs have started ..... fucking right doggy.
My predictions:

Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Things in the relationship category are starting to pick up a little. Things have been happening lately, and we'll see how they pan out. That is all I am going to say for now.

Please comment, I like comments.

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Surpass the number of porn movies Ron Jeremy as been in.

Get your resolution here

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